Saturday, September 29, 2012


Have had your smile today?  When I found this picture, I could not help but post it on here. It's a clever one. Hope this picture will remind you that you don't need to frown or feel sad, if you are experiencing that today, make sure you "take a smile" tag with you! Be Happy!!

1. Smiling Makes us Attractive
2. Smiling boosts your immune system
3. Smiling releases stress
4. Smiling is contagious
5. Smiling changes your mood
6. Smiling lowers your Blood Pressure
I also added below a great song from Uncle Cracker simply called " Smile". Every time my husband listens to this song, he says that it reminds him of me.. (aww!)


Thursday, September 27, 2012

Lego Head "Cake" Pops

For My Son's 6th Birthday this year, I was contemplating on what to do in terms of something that would fit into his Birthday Theme.
At the time, he was into Lego "Ninjago". I told him that there is no way I could actually do "cake pops" that were Ninja's so I searched on the internet and saw these Lego Head "Cake" Pops, but instead of using "cake batter" I actually  used Marshmallows for the heads! Less Mess which is right up my alley!

Lollipop Sticks
Large Marshmallows
Small/Minature Marshmallows
Yellow Melting Chocolate ( I used Wilton brand)
Cake Icing (Betty crocker in a tube), color Black
Styrofoam Block (I got mine from Michaels)

Since I've made this back in February, I don't have step by step pictures to show you, but I'll try my best to be very specific on my instructions!

1. First, open the bag of large marshmallows. Insert the Lollipop stick in the middle of the marshmallow and make sure the tip passes thru.
Tip: I found out the Large Marshmallows makes a HUGE Lego Head, so I snipped half of it.
2. Take a small/minature marshmallow and by using the same lollipop stick, insert the stick in the middle of the small marshmallow.
I place these on a Styrofoam Block, set aside.

3. At this time, it should look like this:

4. In the meantime, in a double boiler,  fill it with water half way, let the water boil. Once boiling, get another pyrex deep dish/ or any deep bowl (just not plastic) and place it on top of the pot while the water is boiling.
Pour theYellow Chocolate discs and stir it constantly until it's all melted and it has a ribbon like effect/ runny.
Tip: if it's too thick, try and add a little bit of canola oil and stir
5. Once you find the chocolate at it's consistency, grab one Marshmallow stick and dunk it in the melted chocolate. Tap excess chocolate on the side of the bowl then carefully transfer them to the Styrofoam Block to cool & harden, just like this:
 After it's cooled and hardened, Here comes the fun part! Make your own faces to each Lego Pops! I found it easier to buy the cake icing in a tube versus me making Royal Icing.

After this was done, I individually wrapped them in a clear favor bag and placed them on the party table for each kid to enjoy! I hope you can try and make these, they will sure be hit to any kids party!

Paper Bead Jewelry

I stumbled upon a video on YouTube a couple of weeks ago and saw Paper Bead Jewelry! This woman has amazing creations just by using any kind of paper (newspaper, restaurant menus, scrapbooking paper).
I decided to give this a try and yes I bought a kit (as seen below) that are ages from 8-11, but that did not stop me from trying this new hobby of mine.
The kit was pretty inexpensive, it was about $12 from Amazon. Upon the arrival of the kit, I was so excited to start on it. The kit comes with pre-cut paper, paper tool, glaze (to seal the ends) and of course step by step instructions.

After rolling the pre-cut papers, I placed them on a toothpick to dry for about an hour before I can assemble them:

I've tried both the BEAD and FLUTE designs:

I'm still in the process of completing my earrings, once they are done, I'll post some on here! Give these Paper Bead Jewelry a try someday!

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Hello & Welcome!

My name is Darlene, I'm also known as "Bing" to the rest of my family & friends. Married to a wonderful person named Ray and I have a son named Zachary. I also share my house with a 4 legged animal by the name of Luna, She's a English Bull Terrier.

These 3 wonderful human beings (yes, I consider our dog a human) brings me joy everyday to my life. You'll probably find my 3 main characters on this blog from time to time.

I dived into the blogging world as I've seen some of my relatives and friends share their interests on the web which I thought was very cool and at the same time, get ideas for any party or meals or craft projects to do with my son.

I also showcase my baking dishes at work and one day a co-worker of mine mentioned that I should start a site or blog to put all your baking recipes in one place! I thought of it as a great idea and also to share my other interests which is just family adventures/trips and or my new found love of crafting.

I'm so NEW to this, so bare with me as I try to make this blog more fun to look at and most especially more interesting to follow!

I'll try my best to keep this up to date, share/post pics and will see where this blog takes me and you...

Enjoy reading!

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Strawberry & Cherry Picking

Cherry Picking was always on our list of things to do late spring but it depends as to when the cherries are ready for harvest. This year we took a drive to Brentwood, CA and never really had the intention to do Strawberry picking as none of us would like to bend down for like an hour or so to pick strawberries as it's hard on our backs.
As it turns out, we arrived pretty early and somewhat drove into the parking lot of this Strawberry Ranch ( sorry, but I really don't remember the name as there are so many along that road). As you can see from the picture below, this ranch had such sweet and huge strawberries!

After enjoying the Strawberry Ranch, we drove further down the road and went to the Cherry Ranch:

My mom was having such a GRAND time picking these beautiful Cherries:
Note: Please Call the Ranch ahead of time before you take a drive out to Brentwood, as some Cheeries & Strawberry Ranches have different harvest dates. This year, it was around early June when we went.