Thursday, September 27, 2012

Lego Head "Cake" Pops

For My Son's 6th Birthday this year, I was contemplating on what to do in terms of something that would fit into his Birthday Theme.
At the time, he was into Lego "Ninjago". I told him that there is no way I could actually do "cake pops" that were Ninja's so I searched on the internet and saw these Lego Head "Cake" Pops, but instead of using "cake batter" I actually  used Marshmallows for the heads! Less Mess which is right up my alley!

Lollipop Sticks
Large Marshmallows
Small/Minature Marshmallows
Yellow Melting Chocolate ( I used Wilton brand)
Cake Icing (Betty crocker in a tube), color Black
Styrofoam Block (I got mine from Michaels)

Since I've made this back in February, I don't have step by step pictures to show you, but I'll try my best to be very specific on my instructions!

1. First, open the bag of large marshmallows. Insert the Lollipop stick in the middle of the marshmallow and make sure the tip passes thru.
Tip: I found out the Large Marshmallows makes a HUGE Lego Head, so I snipped half of it.
2. Take a small/minature marshmallow and by using the same lollipop stick, insert the stick in the middle of the small marshmallow.
I place these on a Styrofoam Block, set aside.

3. At this time, it should look like this:

4. In the meantime, in a double boiler,  fill it with water half way, let the water boil. Once boiling, get another pyrex deep dish/ or any deep bowl (just not plastic) and place it on top of the pot while the water is boiling.
Pour theYellow Chocolate discs and stir it constantly until it's all melted and it has a ribbon like effect/ runny.
Tip: if it's too thick, try and add a little bit of canola oil and stir
5. Once you find the chocolate at it's consistency, grab one Marshmallow stick and dunk it in the melted chocolate. Tap excess chocolate on the side of the bowl then carefully transfer them to the Styrofoam Block to cool & harden, just like this:
 After it's cooled and hardened, Here comes the fun part! Make your own faces to each Lego Pops! I found it easier to buy the cake icing in a tube versus me making Royal Icing.

After this was done, I individually wrapped them in a clear favor bag and placed them on the party table for each kid to enjoy! I hope you can try and make these, they will sure be hit to any kids party!

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