Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Strawberry & Cherry Picking

Cherry Picking was always on our list of things to do late spring but it depends as to when the cherries are ready for harvest. This year we took a drive to Brentwood, CA and never really had the intention to do Strawberry picking as none of us would like to bend down for like an hour or so to pick strawberries as it's hard on our backs.
As it turns out, we arrived pretty early and somewhat drove into the parking lot of this Strawberry Ranch ( sorry, but I really don't remember the name as there are so many along that road). As you can see from the picture below, this ranch had such sweet and huge strawberries!

After enjoying the Strawberry Ranch, we drove further down the road and went to the Cherry Ranch:

My mom was having such a GRAND time picking these beautiful Cherries:
Note: Please Call the Ranch ahead of time before you take a drive out to Brentwood, as some Cheeries & Strawberry Ranches have different harvest dates. This year, it was around early June when we went.

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