Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Hello & Welcome!

My name is Darlene, I'm also known as "Bing" to the rest of my family & friends. Married to a wonderful person named Ray and I have a son named Zachary. I also share my house with a 4 legged animal by the name of Luna, She's a English Bull Terrier.

These 3 wonderful human beings (yes, I consider our dog a human) brings me joy everyday to my life. You'll probably find my 3 main characters on this blog from time to time.

I dived into the blogging world as I've seen some of my relatives and friends share their interests on the web which I thought was very cool and at the same time, get ideas for any party or meals or craft projects to do with my son.

I also showcase my baking dishes at work and one day a co-worker of mine mentioned that I should start a site or blog to put all your baking recipes in one place! I thought of it as a great idea and also to share my other interests which is just family adventures/trips and or my new found love of crafting.

I'm so NEW to this, so bare with me as I try to make this blog more fun to look at and most especially more interesting to follow!

I'll try my best to keep this up to date, share/post pics and will see where this blog takes me and you...

Enjoy reading!

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