Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Easy Halloween Crafts for Both Parents/Kids

Hi Everyone! Yes, I'm back after a long, long break (at least from blogging). For the spirit of Halloween coming up, I just wished I posted this about a week ago and not the day of the fun holiday!

Shame on me.

I came across a craft about "Ghosts Lollipops", I've heard it's really easy to do, but I wanted something more pizazz on how to present it for my son's classroom Halloween Party. My co-worker Jeanny came up with a very creative idea! As the pics you will see below, the materials are easy to find and one important thing, fun to do with your kids.
This particular project could take about 2 days to complete if you have not prepared or cut things ahead of time. I actually did the "Ghosts Lollipops" while watching T.V. !

Like I mentioned before, I was late in posting this, but definitely something to keep in mind for next years Halloween!

Here are the materials you need for create this..

Dum-Dum Lollipops
White Table napkins (the thick kind)
Strong Glue
toothpicks or lollipop sticks
Design Duct Tape
Halloween Printouts (you can search on the web for these)
Ribbon (orange/black), 1/8 in x 10 yd (or 3 mm x 9.1 m)
Styrofoam block (from any Craft store)
Acrylic Paint - Black
Paint Brush
Sharpie (Black)

1. First, paint your styrofoam and set aside to let dry. Mine actually took overnight to dry. I must've painted too much layers of paint!

2. In the meantime, while you waiting for the styrofoam to dry, you can start on your Ghosts lollipops! I was lucky to find these small thick square napkins at Target, so it worked pretty well. 
 3. Cover the lollipops like so:

 4. Take your ribbons, (both orange/black) and tie them around their "necks". Then take your Black Sharpie and add the Eyes and Mouths to your cute little ghosts!
5. After you've completed the ghosts lollipops, now you can start decorating your styrofoam to be more presentable (that's considering it's totally dry). I choose this design, but you can use any design you want. So, tape the borders and I figured I covered the whole bottom so that when I stick the Ghost Lollipops there will be no chance of it passing the Styrofoam, it will keep it standing.

6. Once your styrofoam is done and looking oh so Halloween"ish", you can start cutting out your Halloween images from the web, if you have a cricut (die cutter) in which I WISH I had one, it will be easier but that's just me though. You do not have to buy one if you will not be using it that often like myself.
7. These cut out images here are to be glued together back to back with a toothpick or lollipop stick in between and let them dry. Unfortunately I do not have a picture to show you. But you probably get what I'm saying, the reason for doing them back to back is so no matter how it's displayed in the classroom or a Halloween party, you get the design in every angle.

8. Next comes the fun part, putting it all together on the Styrofoam! You can totally be creative with this project, can be used for other holidays of the year, same concept, just different theme!

Here's the end product of this craft. My son's class has about 35 students. The TALL Lollipop represents the teacher. You can also add names of the students if you want, I just did not have time.

I hope you try this fun project with your kiddos some day!

If you have any questions, please feel free to add one on the comment section below.


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  1. Darlene! This project is freakin cool! Thanks for sharing and posting this idea. I think it's a winner.