Friday, January 10, 2014

Reindeer Candy Canes D.I.Y. (Very late post)

Hi Everyone! and Happy New Year! Yes, this post is super late and I apologize. When it was my turn to "lead" my son's Christmas party this year I had to really research on some fun interesting activities for the class to do for 2 hours before their dismissal. I found some really cool crafts on and most especially on Pinterest (my go to fave site).

I had a hard time of thinking of give aways for the students to take home, I did not want a goody bag of stuff they will never use, so I stumbled upon these really adorable and festive Candy Cane Reindeer's on !

I'm glad I started making these like weeks before the party as these could be time consuming but yet fun to do once you have everything prepared.

Here's what you'll need:

Candy Canes
Yarn (light and dark brown)
Hot Glue
Wiggly Eyes
Mini Pompoms
red satin ribbon (1/8 in x 10 yards)
mini jingle bells
scotch tape

Store: Michael's Arts and Craft Store

1. Take two candy canes and press them together with them facing opposite sides (resembling the antlers), grab the end of the yarn and start wrapping the 2 candy canes together.
As you can see from the picture below. To make it look clean, I scotched tape the bottom of the candy cane so that the extra plastic does not look like the reindeer's have feet!

I recommend to hot glue the ends of the yarn to secure it. I tried Elmer's glue but overnight, the yarn started to lift.
Once you have the body all wrapped up, you can hot glue the Wiggly Eyes! Look, they are coming together.

2. Next, hot glue the Nose (Red pompoms):

3. Next, get an 1/8 in x 10 yd red ribbon and tie it around the reindeer's loosely, BUT before I hot glue, I insert a mini jingle bell (it really jingles! from Michael's Art/Craft store) and then hot glue both ends to make it look like a belt. 
TIP: Do not glue the belt too tight around the reindeer as the mini jingle bell will be awkwardly sticking out, it just doesn't look good. 

4. I wish I had taken a photo of the final product, but I was not able too. I'm sure if you can see it from the picture below (the girls Candy Canes on the Left of the photo).  I've also added the names of each student, divided by the girls (light brown and I added a ribbon) and the dark brown are the boys. 

I actually enjoyed making this craft, I think it turned out pretty cute! You can also use the same concept and buy the pastel colored candy canes for an Easter Class Party or Birthday Party to make it look like a Bunny, just change the color of the yarns and nose! 

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  1. Great Post Darlene! Love the pics and instructions. Will have to try this next year for Andre's class. Just too cute!!