Wednesday, December 5, 2012

What to do with Empty Jars?

Yes, we all have it in our kitchen whether it be empty spaghetti bottles, water bottle, baby jars and your wondering what to do with them? California is really big on recycling things so what better way to do so by recycling those bottles and turn them into beautiful art!

I was suppose to show you a craft that you can do with your kids in this post but I realized I was missing a couple of things needed to complete it, I was going to make a snow globe but that will be for another post, sorry about that!

In the meantime, I'm sharing some ideas on what to do with those empty jars you have at home instead of throwing them back in the recycle bin!

I've gathered some of my favorite ones:

Silouhette Jars from
Glowing Firefly Jars from
Vintage Photo Jar from

Chalk Jar from diycraftyprojects

Polka Dot Jar/Luminary from
Floating candles
Decoupage Jars


  1. The glowing firefly jars and the decoupage jars are my favorites!!

  2. I agree with the glowing firefly jars...since we don't have them in California, it would be nice to have "fake" ones!

  3. This was a great post Darlene. My favorite jar was the Vintage Photo Jar. That was a really cool idea.

  4. I might make the decoupage jars since it seems the easiest ones for xmas gifts :-) thanks for liking the posts ladies!