Wednesday, December 12, 2012

GlassBlock Light Display

Happy Holidays! I apologize for not being on here as much as I wanted too. Been busy with son's school activities and work.. typical day for me.
I've been trying to add more crafts on this blog but I just can't seem to find the right time to do it. Speaking of Crafts, I was given this as a Christmas Gift and I was totally blown away by how pretty it was! It's a Glass Block/lights display! (not really sure what would you call it?) BUT it's super creative and beautiful!
I was a little afraid that it will heat up, but to my surprise, the block is warm but it does not get too warm that it will burn (then we may have to call the Fire department for that matter -lol). You can also add other lights (colored), the one that was given to me, had just steady clear white lights, it does not matter, I love it!

If you attempt to do this craft, here is what you'll need is what I was told:

strand lights that will fit into the block - probably 10-15 inches
bow maker, or you can simply make one
Glue Gun
Christmas ornaments
Wired Ribbon (Any colored ribbon)
Glass Blocks ( Home Depot has it sold with 4-5 in a package)
Diamond Cutter

I don't have any step by step pictures to show you, but just passing along instructions from what I gathered from the person who gave it to me:

1. Start with the diamond cutter. Cut a round circle to have enough space to have the lights enter the block.
2. Take the ribbon and wrap it (like a cross), then hot glue it
3. Make the bigger ribbon (refer to instructions manual) on top by using a ribbon maker, once you got the size and it's done, hot glue that on top of the (crossed ribbon)
4. To add trinkets, take any colored christmas ornaments and hot glue them as well.
5. Lastly, insert your lights and the plug left out so you can insert that to the wall outlet
6. Once completed, plug it into the wall and there you have it! A Glass/Block Light Display

Here's the information on the creators of this: 
Mollie & Michael Broussard

that's the small hole to insert the lights

isn't that beautiful? 

here it is, under my christmas tree!


  1. So pretty - the gift that keeps on giving.

  2. I agree! I think that glassblock light is ultra cool! Must attempt that for next year!

  3. So pretty! And crafty too :)

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    Happy Holidays!