Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Girl Scout Mint Cookies Anyone?

I have to admit that every time the girl scouts come knocking at my door, I usually don't answer the door as I don't like to turn away and not buy anything from them to be honest, or I just don't have the funds to buy a box at that time (yes,  I know that sounds harsh), BUT I've gotten to not do that anymore as I slowly fell in love with their cookies.

One in particular that I totally did not care for is the Mint Cookies, I was never a mint fan, even with it being in ice cream and let alone in a cookie!

So here's how I ended up making this:

My son's school was hosting a Holiday Fair and I volunteered to bake. As I accepted that task, with perfect timing, my oven decided to part ways, unfortunately.  So it turned out that I had to immediately think of a recipe that required no baking, I had less time to prepare and less time to actually make it.

I came up with this recipe which I called Thin Peppermint Cookies.  The only cooking part was making the chocolate dip other than that, it's semi-homemade and easy to do!

I was pretty surprised at how easy this was going to be! It's a great gift for the holidays if your thinking of giving this away as treats for your friends and family and it costs way less than popular brands out there.

Give this simple recipe a try!

Here is what you need:

**1-2 c milk chocolate chips
**1-2 c semi-sweet chocolate chips
1/8 (dash) of peppermint extract
15-20 Andes Chocolate Mint
1 Box of Nabisco Famous Chocolate Wafers

**Note: Reduce the amount of chocolate chips to 1 cup if you are only using 1 box of the Nabisco Chocolate Wafers as this makes a lot of the chocolate mixture.

1. When it comes to melting the chocolate, I usually prefer the slower and safe method rather than having it to melt in the microwave. If you really have to use the microwave, then I remove the chocolate after 30 seconds, then put it back in for another 30 seconds intervals until the chocolate it melted. In my opinion, I choose not to do this method as I always end up with burnt chocolate chips and I end up wasting it and throwing it away. This time, I  took an empty medium pot, added water (half way) and simmered it, while the water is simmering (not boiling), I took another empty bowl and placed it on top (but make sure the bowl does NOT touch the water).

2. Pour in both the milk chocolate chips and semi-sweet chocolate chips, just like the picture below:

please make sure to constantly stir it every so often until it gives a nice smooth, glossy consistency
4. Next, once the chocolate has melted, remove from heat and throw in the Andes Mints and continue to stir until the Andes mints have been incorporated into the chocolate mixture.
5. Once it's all mixed in, Add a dash or 1/8 tsp of the Peppermint Extract and stir:
6. Take one of your chocolate wafers and with a fork, dip the whole cookie and then remove it trying to shake the excess off the cookie. In this case, I ended up just coating it on one side as I was in a hurry and trying to get these cookies in a holiday tin can. 

7. In a large baking sheet lined with parchment paper, place the newly dipped cookie on the baking sheet to cool for about 30 minutes. 

8. You'll notice that I kind of got tired of the solid chocolate layer, so I ended up getting a fork, dip it in the chocolate mixture and drizzled it on top of the cookie. 

Well, I hope one day you'll give this a try or if your thinking of what to serve for a small dinner party at home, this I think is a perfect dessert accompanied by hot tea to end the evening. 

- Darlene


  1. I have to one day try your baked creations - I keep seeing all these food you make and I don't think I ever tried them. The girl scouts mint cookies are the best.

  2. hope you do try it one day, it turned out so yummy!

  3. I tried these and they are awesome!!! Thank you Darlene for posting the recipe for people to try.