Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Deck the halls... already?

Can you believe this is an ornament?

Each year I always go to the Christmas Store in the mall even though we have yet to celebrate Thanksgiving. Even though I can't wait to celebrate Christmas, I do go by what Nordstroms has posted on their glass doors with the saying " Celebrate one holiday at a time" hence, their stores are not quite ready to welcome the holidays just yet. I really love Christmas time and the beautiful ornaments, lights and the air being so festive! One night after eating dinner at the mall, I could not resist going in the store that's totally calling you from outside with a big christmas tree all lit and reindeers with lights twinkling at you? So, my son and I went inside the store and was amazed at each ornament, nutcracker that they had displayed! I totally wanted to buy the whole store (that would be awesome) but I grabbed my phone and started taking photo's because they were just way too pretty, I was being careful that the staff wouldn't see me as I left the store w/o buying one single thing (just between us).

Here are some beautiful ornaments to inspire you when you are ready to decorate your own Tree this Holiday season:

How OWL you?

love this stuffed animal tree

San Francisco, All in one

Check out this Sushi ornanment!

This is one of my Fave ornaments in the store

I totally love this Japanese Girl ornament


love the detail done on this Dragon Lion Ornament
Candy Cane theme

who does not like a Silver/White Christmas?
                                                 Here are some other festive decor for your home:

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  1. I love Christmas ornaments too!!! I'm always on the hunt for at least a couple of new ornaments each year. I love Dragon Lion ornament and the pair of asian ladies :)