Friday, February 15, 2013

Off the Path... Couture Gel Nail Polish

Hello everyone! It's a gorgeous warm day today where I am. I've been putting this post for quite some time as I'm busy preparing for my son's 7th birthday party & of course you have work and being a mom. I took advantage of this alone time as my husband and son are out biking enjoying the sunshine!

Anyhow, I'm going off the path here as my Header reads... the post does not involve baking or crafts but about Nail Polish! I'm sure I'm not the only one who puts on nail polish and after like 5 days (that's if your lucky) to still have it on you? It is quite a hassle to remove it then re-apply again.

So one day at work, My Co-worker was talking about this particular machine that you put the polish then you insert your whole hand and wait for like 2 minutes, re-apply coat then repeat all under the UV light. I got so curious that the same day, I went to the closest nail salon and thought I'd give it a try!

Well, believe it or not, my nails did LAST give or take about 14 days!!! No chip. No Re-Applying. My kind of thing! I found myself to keep going back to the nail salon but after much calculation, I realized if there is anything out there that does the same thing BUT I can do it at the comfort of my own home?

After researching and reading reviews, I came across a product called Couture Gel Nail Polish! to be honest I was skeptical at first but I said what the heck? if this can save me money in the long run I'd be really happy.

So I did click on the order button and just couldn't wait until the shipment arrived! Shipping was super fast! I saw the box on my front door and did not wait another minute to open it. The box comes with the machine, 1 top coat, 1 base coat, a beautiful and cute bag, 3 colors of your choosing, tools for the cuticles, a buffer and file, manicure stick and cute small bag, 4 UV lights that you will insert into the machine.

The directions were super, I mean super easy! Since it was my first try using it, it took me about an hour and 15 minutes, I know it was super long to do it, but mind you that was my first try. All in all,  after using it ever so often, I've gotten my manicure AND pedicure in about 45 minutes tops! Not bad huh? PLUS it's in the comfort of my home.

Couture Gel Nail Polish has the Most beautiful Colors! I'll be showing you just one of many great colors they have with the pictures below this post.

Here's the directions for BOTH Manicure & Pedicure:
Clean Hands (no lotion), Buffer. Push Cuticle back. Apply Top Coat. Cure for 2 minutes in the machine. Apply Nail Polish (not to thick). Cure for 2 minutes in the machine. Apply Base Coat. Cure for 2 minutes in the machine. Get free lint tissue and dab 70% rubbing alcohol over nail to remove the tacky residue from the Base Coat.

To remove:
Take your hand and soak in 100 % Acetone for about 10 minutes, after 10 minutes have passed, take your manicure stick and scrape the polish off. You will see it curl and it will peel away. After scraping it off, wash your hands well and towel dry and you can start to re-apply again.

Fresh from the box!
Inside of the machine with the UV lights that you install 
pardon my nails, I'm not a nail model! however, this is the Base Coat that I'm showing

Here I am "curing" my nails under the light!
Here's the TOP & BASE Coat

I bought these gloves separately just to protect my skin from the light

You can choose to cure in different times, I choose the 120 secs

I just love this color!!

See how GLOSSY they get after rubbing a free lint tissue with 70% rubbing alcohol!

Here is the final color! this may  not be a good photo, I'm a little embarrassed about my cuticles! but hey, I'm a Newbie to this :-)  I'd rather do this than visiting a nail salon frequently. This is just me though :-) 


  1. I think your nails look great! I heard about the gel nail polish just recently from a co-worker. I think it's really nice that they last longer than ordinary nail polish and it's even nicer that the 'Couture Gel Nail Polish' is made in the U.S.A.!

  2. Yes, I do like to see that they are made in the U.S. Very cool! I think your nails turned out great Darlene!

  3. luv the completed product...where do you get the glove as I have a few clients whom I cant convience the amount of exposure is not a lethal amount.....thanks in advance

    1. Hi Derrick,
      Thanks for visiting my blog! appreciate it. I actually got those gloves on Amazon :-) they were not expensive at all. Some nail salons do have them and some don't, but I'd rather put them on when I do my nails at home using the machine just to be safe.