Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Love this Park in NYC...

Hello Fellow Bloggers & Followers,

Today I'm working from home as the NYSE is still closed due to Super Storm Sandy that hit the east coast yesterday and is still lingering today. I decided to blog some of these pictures while I'm on a break from reading emails.

The pictures that I'll share with you comes from my family vacation from the month of July of this year. My hubby and I were thankful that we went with New York as our vacation spot this year and we are so glad we did! There's just so much to see in that city that never sleeps, however, one special spot that I loved while vacationing there, was this park, it's called High line Park .

Our Auntie Bei was eager to show us this park to see how the city of New York preserved and then converted it into a park for all NY residents to relax, read a book, walk, enjoy the landscaping, beautiful flowers, food and so on.
It's a public park that they built on a historic freight rail line that's sits above the streets of Manhattan's West Side.
Reading the history of this park, it was founded in 1999 by the community residents and operated by Friends of the High Line.

When we got there, it was a little after 5:30pm, where the sun was setting in, it was a glorious but humid day since we were there the week of July 4th. It has a great atmosphere. I've read that it runs so long to across towns which we did not even attempt to go to the end of it! I know my hubby would say that walking is nothing, but I sure don't like to hear the word walking, same goes with my 6 year old.. haha! Anyhow, I talked my hubby to not walk all the way to the end, so we stopped and relaxed a bit.

Ok, so long of me babbling on and on, here are some photos:

This was the start of the park, loved the landscaping!

I wish I took a shot where the benches are that overlooks this glass window

Lola Bei had an idea that Zach stands in front of the glass window & wait for the NY Taxi's to drive by, cool shot!

Mi Familia! I look all tired here as the heat was getting to me, excuse my son's face reaction in this photo!

I love this photo, love how the sun is beaming behind the plants & my son contemplating about life

oh boy! he found his stash of m&m's, here he is sitting w/ Lola Bei before heading out

Another photo I took with the American Flag just peeking thru the plants

I was not able to take too many photos as my phone unfortunately was about to run of juice! ( I hate that when it happens). Anyhow, if ever you decide to visit the Big Apple, I encouraged you to visit this wonderful park but not in the summer (hot, hot!) unless your ok with the heat :-) I hope you enjoyed this short post for today!


  1. I've been to New York twice, but I think this park was founded after my last trip to New York. Hopefully the next time I visit New York we can see this park. I agree the photo of Zach and the taxi cabs are pretty cool.

  2. You should definitely go there on your next trip w/ the kiddos

  3. I've never been to high line park and always wanted to go. I'll have to make a stop there the next time I'm in NYC! For some reason, we don't make it up there all that often, even though all it takes is hopping on a train.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog! :)