Monday, October 8, 2012

Doodles & Art

Hi there and hope you had a great Monday so far! Well, this evening I was going thru my photos from my phone and I came across quite a few pictures of my son's doodles and some artwork. I always love kids art work, I keep my son's doodles and some of his classmates greeting cards from his birthday in a box. I can't throw them away, they are just too priceless. It's cool to see how a child expresses their feelings thru art.

I'm sharing some of my son's artwork and a brief story of when and where he doodled or made the art work.

Doodle No. 1: My son drew this while waiting in the hospital. He was waiting for his grandma to finish  her doctors appointment. He said that clouds with smiley faces represent happiness esp. the one with the balloon, the building represents the hospital, the person next to it is his grandma. His doodle of the train has a sad face, he said that he feels sad for his grandma to be in the hospital.

Doodle No. 2:   The picture below represents my son and his dad. He said that this is vision of him and his dad in outer space :-) 

Doodle No. 3:  He came home from his Kinder class (this artwork was from last year), he had so many extra Halloween stickers and he had no idea what do, so I gave him a blank piece of paper and after 30 minutes of his imagination, he came up with this! 

Doodle No. 4:   I came home one day and was feeling awfully tired. My son went straight to his bedroom and asked me for his art box with his crayons and paper, he said, "mom, I'll be back to give you a surprise, something way better than medicine!" and long behold, the picture says it all.... 

   Doodle No. 5    This picture was taken this last Easter at my sister's house. I just love how the colors came together with all the eggs, and how it produced a marble effect! Of course, the egg holder that came with the kit never was used by my son, he ended up just using his hands to dip the egg in the color paint! 
    I hope you enjoyed these pictures of my son's doodle/art thru his eyes.... 

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  1. Wow, he's such an artist! I sometimes cannot tell what my son's drawing... xD